There are a lot of people to thank...

Pray As You Go would not be possible without our contributors and the freely-given support of so many people, communities and organisations. From our voices and writers to our music suppliers and developers.

We would particularly like to thank the following people for their time and contribution over the last couple of years, with special thanks for those who have been helping during the pandemic:

Adewale Adeyosoye
Bernard P Achampong
Christine Allen
Peter Asprey
Bill Blackledge
Fr Denis Blackledge SJ
The Ven. Adam Atkinson
Emerald Delaney
Martin Delaney
Monica Elswood
Robert Elswood
Fr Gero McLoughlin SJ
Roísín McGregor
Gary McStravick
Frances Murphy
Fr Paul Nicholson SJ
Alex Potts
Brian Purfield
Iona Reid-Dalglish
Marianna Reidman
Fr Peter Scally SJ
The Revd Catherine
Imogen Faux
Fr Peter Gallagher SJ
Jessica Hinton
Joshua Hinton
Simon Holland
Fr Michael Holman SJ
Stephen Hoyland
Fr Damian Howard SJ
Josie Huntley
Rachel Huston
Jonny Masters
Fr Paul Nicholson SJ
Brian Purfield
Fr Paul O'Reilly SJ
Fr Peter Scally SJ
Gemma Simmonds CJ
Luke Taylor SJ
The Revd Catherine
Paul Chitnis
Iona Reid-Dalglish
Monica Elswood
Mairie Gelling
Anne Holland
Fr Michael Holman SJ
Stephen Hoyland
Fr Nicholas King SJ
Tim McEvoy
Kevin Mayhew (associated artists, Keith Duke)
Musicbed (associated artists, used with a license)
Magnaune (associated artists licensed under a by-nc-sa license)
Margaret Rizza
One Hope Project
Pluscarden Abbey
Sons of Korah
The Choir of Holy Sepulchre
Church London (directed by Peter Asprey)
The Community of Taizé
The University of Johannesburg Choir
Abbaye de Keur Moussa
Convivium Records (associated artists)
Devine Music (Teresa Brown)
Echoes Blue Music (Salt of the Sound, We Dream of Eden, Simon Wester and Dear Gravity)
Glenstal Abbey
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