Monday of Holy Week

Today is Monday of Holy Week, the 15 April.  

As we prayerfully begin our journey into Holy Week, One Hope Project help guide us with the song ‘Abba Father’.  

Today’s reading is from the Gospel of John.  

The readings this week bring us into the Passion of Christ. Jesus was now a hunted man.  He came to Bethany where he was among friends.  Imagine yourself in the room where they were eating.  See the persons present, Martha and Mary and Lazarus.  Look at Jesus: is he calm or agitated or sorrowful?  How do you see him?  

Watch as Mary comes with the jar of perfume and anoints his feet.  Spend time with this loving and beautiful action.  Notice how she touches the feet of Jesus.  Smell the aroma of the perfume.  Remember Jesus’s own words: ‘when you do this to the least of my brothers and sisters you do it to me.’  

Listen again to the reading.  Notice Jesus’s response to Judas.  What are your own reactions to the criticism Judas levels here?  

Jesus says, ‘you do not always have me.’  But in some ways Jesus is always with us. Perhaps you could talk to him now about the ways he is present in your life.