Wednesday 10 April

Today is Wednesday the 10 April in the fifth week of Lent.  

Moira Smiley sings, ‘I have hoped’, a setting of Psalm 71 by Steven Faux. Can you make these your own words today?

Today’s reading is from the Gospel of John.

The people listening to Jesus are struggling to hear the good news he is trying to convey to them, they are falling back on tried and tested ways of identifying themselves.  As you come before God today, take a moment to consider how God is looking at you, how God regards you.

What is your sense of how God sees you?  How does that make you feel?

What might God be telling you about yourself? What truth are you hearing from God that can make you free?

As you listen to the reading again notice the words that stay with you and take time to let  them sink more deeply into your heart.

Speak to God now, have a conversation with God now about whatever is in your heart or mind … about how God regards you .. about your response to God’s gaze … about the truth that you are hearing.  In this conversation, you may find yourself speaking or listening or simply remaining silent with God.