All Souls

This weekend is Saturday the 2 November, the Feast of All Souls, and Sunday the 3 November, beginning the 31st week of Ordinary Time.  

Ladysmith Black Mambazo sing: ‘Khayelihle Khaya Lami’: ‘My beautiful home, where there is no more suffering or pain, where every tear will be wiped away.’  

This weekend’s reading is from the Prophet Isaiah.  

The Bible contains words of promise and encouragement, without shrinking from the pain of human living.  Today’s reading is no exception.  Just sit for a moment and reflect on the struggles you – or someone dear to you – might be facing today …   

Perhaps Isaiah’s image of the divine banquet resonates with you as a depiction of life after death.  Or maybe you imagine things differently.  What picture, if any, do you have of the afterlife?  

As you listen to the reading again, be alert to some of the key words and phrases … savour the image of a God who at the end-time will serve a banquet, wipe away all tears and remove every last trace of death.  As you do so, try to imagine the freedom and joy in store.  

Speak to the Lord freely about all your hopes and dreams, your sorrows and fears. Our God, who became human for us, understands exactly how we feel.