St Dominic | Thursday 8 August

Today is Thursday, the 8 August, the feast of St Dominic in the Eighteenth Week of Ordinary Time.

The monks of Pluscarden Abbey sing: Venite exsultemus Domino.  “Come, ring out our joy to the Lord; hail the God who saves us. Let us come before him giving thanks.  With songs let us hail the Lord.”  As I listen, I become aware that I am in God’s presence right now.  As I come before the Lord, I give thanks for God’s goodness to me, and present myself to him, just as I am.    

Today’s reading is from Psalm 95.

There are so many images of God in this psalm: God as a rock, saviour, creator, shepherd, and then at the end we are confronted by talk of an angry God capable of loathing.  How do these images sit with your own sense of who God is and what God is like?

Who is the God who made and saves you?

As you listen once more, is there an image or a phrase that speaks to your mind or heart?

If there is an image or phrase that speaks to you or even disturbs you, stay with it a while, and then share with God its effect on you.