Practising Prayer

Welcome to Practising Prayer


You might have been praying with Pray As You Go for a number of years now, but maybe you're not quite familiar with the spirituality our prayers are built upon. This series is a little bit like a 'school of prayer', in which you can dip in and out of practice exercise sessions to help build up your prayer life. 

Our spirituality was created by a man called St Ignatius of Loyola, who founded the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits). There are so many exercises for improving our physical health and wellbeing. St Ignatius wrote what he called the Spiritual Exercises, a variety of ways of praying to develop our spiritual health and wellbeing, our relationship with God and the world. The spirituality itself is creative, immersive and encourages engagement of the imagination. Just like physical exercise, if we talk about it but don’t actually engage in any exercise, it won’t be very fruitful!

So, with this series, we introduce exercises that you may find it useful to practise – and the more you practise, the more benefits you will feel. This “school of prayer” is an audio course created by the Jesuit Spirituality team and the Jesuit Institute, to guide you through some of the key practices of this way of prayer.

If you’d like to hear a little more about St Ignatius Loyola, we have a quick audio session about him under our welcome series below, or you can find out delve deeper on the Jesuits in Britain website… If not, just continue through to the first exercise…

Welcome to 'Practising Prayer'

Morning Offerings

Preparing for Prayer: The Act of the Presence of God

Anchor Points for Prayer

How to pray an Examen

Praying with your imagination

Praying with Art

Closing Prayers

The Rosary Reflections