Today is Tuesday the 11 December, in the Second Week of Advent.

Maldwyn Davies sings Comfort Ye My People, from Handel’s Messiah.

Today’s reading is from the Prophet Isaiah

‘The grass withers,’ this passage tells us, ‘the flower fades’.  But something that does not wither or fade is being promised here – what is it?

These words seem to offer consolation and reconciliation.  Sin is atoned for.  The debt is paid.  The slate is wiped clean.  In what ways – or in what areas of my life – do I long for that to happen?

As I listen again to the passage, how do I understand these words, the meaning of this reading?  What do I understand God to be promising here?

‘Prepare a way for the Lord’.  These words are addressed to me.  Can I speak to God now about what might be asked of me, what role I might have to play in preparing a way for the Lord in these days?