Today is Thursday, the 3rd of April, in the Fourth Week of Lent.

Crossbeam sing: King of My Heart:  “You know me so well, you see deep into my heart.  You know every thought I have.”

Today’s reading is from the Book of Exodus.

At first sight this passage seems to raise more questions than it answers. The last sentence ‘And the Lord changed his mind’ is hardly designed to inspire comfort or confidence!’ What are the first feelings you have about it?

All of us can improve on our relationship with God. Think about your own relationship with Him. Have you always been open to God? Have you always listened to Him? Take a little time to reflect on that, can you ask God to help you re-orientate yourself towards Him.

The world also desperately needs to orientate itself towards God. Take some time to pray for those countries torn apart by violence, by poverty, disease and injustice. That those in positions of power and authority might turn their hearts towards God’s Justice and Peace. Keep all this In mind as you hear the passage read once more.

God’s ability to relent challenges us to look at our own relationships with each other. When we fail to forgive or to relent from a course of action which is hurting or harming ourselves or others we are less than Christ like. In these final few moments of the prayer time, ask God to help you if you need it, to let something go; to turn away from hurt and resentment.