This weekend is Saturday the 1st and Sunday the 2nd of March, the Feast of St David, beginning the Eighth Week of Ordinary Time.

Jodi Penner sings, “They that sow “ - When the Lord released our bonds, we were like the ones who dreamed. Then our mouths filled with laughter, and our tongues resounded with joy.

David, or Dewi, was a monk and a bishop in the sixth century. He was reputed to be an exemplar of the ascetic, spiritual life but was also highly regarded for his kindness and compassion to others, particularly the poor and the sick. He is believed to have founded the monastery at Menevia, now St David's, and also at least a dozen other monasteries. He is said to have based his Rule for his monasteries on that of the Egyptian desert monks, with a strong emphasis on hard work, abstinence from alcohol and a refraining from unnecessary speech. He died in about the year 601 and has been regarded as the patron saint of Wales since at least the twelfth century. 

In this weekend’s reading from the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus describes his followers as the salt of the earth, and the light which is put of a lampstand.  What better reading to look at as we prepare to enter the season of Lent, which is a time to fan the flame and maybe to notice what threatens to blow it out.  

Sometimes we meet old friends after years of not seeing them – and we notice that a light has gone from their eyes, the spring in their step has given way to a weary gait… it is hard to face the fact that faith can also fade if it is not nourished, God’s light within can grow dim leaving us cheapened, diminished.  Take a moment to scan the last few weeks of your life – notice the things which are helping you to hold on to faith, hope and love.

And now for a moment, notice if there is anything that is moving you away from faith, hope and love?

As you listen again to the words of Jesus, hear Him telling you that you are the salt of the earth, the light of the world – and let those images reveal to you how your faith is a gift for the whole world… What is it about you that is saltiness, that gives flavour to other people’s lives?  And what is this light in you?

In the last few moments of this prayer, take what you have already discovered to the Lord.  Is he calling you to change something?  Does He want you to know something about your personal vocation?  - your special contribution to His Kingdom?