Today is Tuesday the 18th of February in the Sixth week of Ordinary Time.

Ladysmith Black Mambazo sing Uqinisil’Ubaba: “After travelling the whole world, I still come to the same truth that I left at home: God is truth!  So why do you doubt? Don’t doubt, hold on to him and place your hope in him. Listen to God because he is truth.”

Today’s reading is from the Letter of James.

 “Blessed is anyone who endures temptation”, James tells us.  But the key to “temptation” is noticing it.  Good people are not tempted by things that appear to them as evil – they are tempted by things that appear to be good, things that don’t seem like “temptation” at all.  What are the good things that might turn out to be temptations for me?  Things I perhaps overdo or get out of proportion, despite having the best of intentions?

“Do not be deceived”, James says.   Not being deceived means knowing the truth about myself, my strengths and weaknesses, the influences I am under.  Are there truths about myself that I sort of know, but find it difficult to face?

Hearing the passage again, I notice the goodness of God that is being described in every sentence of this reading.

Knowing that God knows all my faults and failings and loves me still, I don’t have to pretend, I don’t have to put up a front.  I can speak honestly with God, and I can ask God’s help – I can ask God’s help now – to deal with whatever troubles me.