Today is Monday the 17th of February, in the Sixth Week of Ordinary Time.

The community of Taizé sing Behüte mich, Gott : “Keep me God, for I trust in you. You show me the path of life. With you there is fulness of joy.”

Today’s reading is from the Letter of James.

James begins here by talking about facing trials and difficulties.  Is there a difficult situation in my life now?  Some kind of trial?  Something that is testing my endurance?

How does my faith in God help me to deal with this situation?  What difference does it make to the situation, to my approach to it, to the way I deal with it, or want to deal with it?

Listen to the reading again, and focus on how God acts on those who trust in Him.

What gift of wisdom do I need to ask of God in my situation?   I talk to God, as one friend to another, about what’s happening in my life now.