Today is Tuesday the 28th of January, the Memorial of S Thomas Aquinas, in the Third Week of Ordinary Time.

The Nuns of St Cecilia’s Abbey sing Oculi omnium in te sperant: ‘The eyes of all turn to you in hope, O Lord: and you give them food in due season.  You open your hand and fill every creature with blessing.’  As I listen, I too turn my attention, my eyes, my heart, to God.  Amid all the noise and activity around me, I hold myself in stillness, ready to accept what God has to give me.

Today’s reading is from the Gospel of Mark.

Why d’you think it was that the “mother and brothers of Jesus” sent to him and were calling him?  Why were they trying to speak to him?

Look at Jesus’s response.  Imagine that you’re one of the crowd.  How does it make you feel?

Now imagine that you’re Jesus’s mother, or one of his brothers?  How d’you feel now?

Now listen to the passage again.  Is there one phrase in the text that sums it all up for you?  What is that phrase?

Finally, bring together all the thoughts and feelings that this passage has aroused in you, and make them into a prayer, and address that prayer to God, your Heavenly Father.