Today is Friday the 20th of December, in the Third Week of Advent.

Imogen Faux sings You Are My Hiding Place a setting of Psalm 32, from The Psalms Project.  You are my hiding place, from trouble you will protect me... As you enter into prayer today can you take some comfort from this setting of today’s Psalm? That God will protect you and guide you, in Him you can trust and are safe.

Today’s reading is from the Gospel of Luke.

Try and imagine this scene.  Firstly, what can you see?  Where does this take place?  What’s the place like?  Is it indoors or outdoors?  What time of day is it?  What is Mary wearing?  What does she look like?  What does the angel Gabriel look like?   What else can you see?

Now imagine what they are saying.  Listen to the conversation.  Hear the amazing news that Gabriel tells Mary, and her response.  What do you hear?

Now consider for a few moments what they are doing, what is taking place – Gabriel carrying God’s message to Mary; Mary placing herself at God’s service to bring God’s Son into the world; the fulfilment of God’s promise to send us the Saviour we yearn for.

Finally, reflect on yourself for a few moments, and what you have felt and experienced in these last minutes.   You might want to end by speaking to God about this, telling the Lord about your own feelings and desires as you witness the unfolding of this Divine Plan.