Today is Thursday the 10th of July in the Fourteenth Week of Ordinary Time.

Jodi Penner sings, “They that sow “ - When the Lord released our bonds, we were like the ones who dreamed. Then our mouths filled with laughter, and our tongues resounded with joy.

Today’s reading is from the Gospel of Matthew.

There are many themes in these instructions that Jesus gives the Twelve:  Good News…. Healing….. Generosity….. Simplicity….  Freedom.  Which of these stirs feelings in you – which of them has the greatest appeal for you?

“Shake the dust from your feet”, Jesus says, if people will not listen to you.  Don’t be wounded, don’t take it personally, just move on.  Does fear of failure, fear of embarrassment, fear of rejection stop me from spreading the Good News?

As you hear the reading again, imagine yourself there, being given these instructions.  Imagine Jesus looking at you and speaking these words to you.

What can I do today to respond to this call, this commission from Jesus?  If I don’t know, can I ask the Lord to show me how?