Today is Friday the 13th of June, the Memorial of St Anthony of Padua, in the Tenth Week of Ordinary Time.

The Convivium Singers conducted by Eamonn Dougan sing Dedication, by Margaret Rizza. I give myself to you, Lord.

Today’s reading is from the First Book of Kings.

The great prophet, Elijah, was a man of God.  He had gone up the holy mountain to be closer to God in solitude.  Now surely if God is going to appear it should be in a suitably dramatic way -  a tornado, an earthquake, a great forest fire?  But because he was a man of God, Elijah was aware of God’s presence, not in such dramatic events, but in peaceful silence.

Have you ever sensed the presence of God?  Have you ever felt a sense of being held, of being loved?  If you have, go back to that feeling and remember it again.  Live it again.

If you have never felt such a presence, ask God for a sense of that presence.

Listen again to the reading and if you can, be quiet and try and get in touch with that ‘sheer silence’ within, that ‘still small voice’.

Like Elijah, most of us need to go from time to time into that cave on the mountain of God, that place of quiet.  If you can make that moment now, and that place here, what do you want to say to God?