Today Easter Thursday, the 24th of April.

The Sons of Korah sing Psalm 130.

Today’s reading is from the Gospel of Luke.

Often in the readings for this week, Jesus refers to the law of Moses, the psalms and the prophets.  He opens the minds of his followers to understand the Scriptures as a way of grasping who he is and what it is he reveals.    As I’ve been praying daily with Scriptures in recent weeks, has this become a way in which the relationship between Jesus and me has deepened?

What is there about Jesus that perhaps still leaves me, like the disciples, feeling a little frightened and with doubts arising in my heart?

What, on the other hand, is the tangible evidence I have of God’s grace breaking into my life and transforming me, and of the living presence of Jesus in the world around me?

As you hear this passage of Luke’s gospel again, listen particularly to the mission that Jesus gives to his followers…

In what way is it being given to me to witness to the reality of the Resurrection?  What do I want to ask from Jesus so that I may help somehow to share the message of God’s forgiveness for all?