Today is Wednesday the 9th of April, in the Fifth Week of Lent.

The University of Johannesburg Choir sing Ndisondela Kuwe, I come to you in prayer, almighty God. You are worthy to be praised. Can I come before God in prayer and praise Him?

Today’s reading is from the Prophet Daniel.

Today we hear just a small part of a long passage wholly devoted to praising God for the great things God is and does. What in particular in your own life at the moment would you wish to praise God for?

The poet here starts by acknowledging “the God of our ancestors”. Where are the roots of your own faith in God? Who passed on this faith to you?

This poem doesn’t simply praise God for what God does. It is full of wonder for who God is. How would you describe the God you believe in to someone who said to you “What’s this God of yours like?”

As you listen again, simply let these lines of praise to God echo in your own mind and heart.

You might now want to add a line or two of your own praise of God to the poem you’ve heard. Or listen quietly to how God responds to your praises.