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Reflections on the Life of St Ignatius and the Spiritual Exercises

These reflections are a collaboration between Pray as you go and the Jesuits in Britain. They’re a little different from the regular daily podcasts from Pray as you go. These reflections are based on the Spiritual Exercises, a prayer manual compiled by St Ignatius Loyola nearly 500 years ago. He believed that it was possible for people to come to a direct experience of God, present and active in their everyday lives. His book aimed at fostering just this kind of experience, so that people could use it to re-shape their lives in ways big and small.

These four reflections correspond to the four major sections of the Spiritual Exercises. Ignatius drew up the Spiritual Exercises by reflecting deeply on his own life experience. Later on, he broadened this out to include the experience of others whom he directed in their prayer. So this retreat will also offer some snapshots into the life of Ignatius, and invite you to find examples from your own history too.

Why use these podcasts? If you want to meet for the first time, or come to know more deeply, the God who calls to you in the events of your day-to-day living, then this may be for you. But be aware that you might meet a God who has plans for you that you have as yet scarcely dreamed of. 



Part 1 - The Loved Sinner

Part 2 - The Call of the King

Part 3 - The Suffering Christ

Part 4 - The Resurrection

If you have any feedback on these reflections which you'd like us to take into consideration when planning in future, please email us.


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Devotion from Peace by Scott Lamlein. Copyright © Scott Lamlein. Used with permission. 

Session 1 - The Loved Sinner

Lachrimae Antiquae by John Dowland from Lachrimae, played by The Parley of Instruments Renaissance Violin Consort, directed by Peter Holman. Copyright © Hyperion Records.  Used with permission.

Session 2 -The Call of the King

Interludio: Présence from Inni al Signore by the Comunità di Bose, Italy. Copyright © Edizioni Qiqajon.  Used with permission.

Session 3 - The Suffering Christ

Variation 25 by J.S. Bach from Goldberg Variations played by Angela Hewitt. Copyright © Hyperion Records.  Used with permission.

Session 4 - The Resurrection

Breath of Love from Enchanted Wind by Suzanne Teng. Used via Magnatune.