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Hearts on Fire - A Novena to the Sacred Heart

Welcome to 'Hearts on Fire', a novena leading up to the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. These 9 short prayers will be released daily and are designed to help you reflect on the heart of Jesus and to refocus on any particular petitions you may want to ask for. Written by Charlie Davy SJ, with an introduction from Simon Bishop SJ, we hope you enjoy this novena and that you discover more about the heart of God.


An introduction from Simon Bishop SJ

Day 1 - A Heart for Us

Day 2 - A Forgiving Heart

Day 3 - A Docile Heart

Day 4 - A Childlike Heart

Day 5 - A Peace-Giving Heart

Day 6 - A Union of Hearts

Day 7 - A Merciful Heart

Day 8 - A Unifying Heart

Day 9 - The Welcoming Heart

If you have any feedback on these reflections then let us know! Please email us.

You can download the files from the Jesuits in Britain SoundCloud. Download >>>



Shestopsalmiye, by Rachmaninoff performed by Tenebrae directed by Nigel Short from Rachmaninoff's Vespers. © Signum Records. Used with permission. 

Day 1

The Creed, by The Kyiv Chamber Choir, from Liturgy of Peace© Kyiv Chamber Choir. Used with permission.

Day 2

Kyrie, by The University of Johannesburg, from Missa de Meridiana Terra. © University of Johannesburg Choir. Used with permission. 

Day 3 

In Quietness, by Luke Parker, from Home. © Luke Parker. Used with permission. (Instrumental: Pag-aalay ng Sarili, by the Jesuits of the Philippines, from Vespers 2© The Jesuit Music Ministry. Used with permission.)

Day 4

Beni Soit le Christ, by The monks of the Abbey of Keur Moussa, from Office du Dimanche 1© Musique Abbaye Keur Moussa. Used with permission. (Instrumental: Improvisation Kora - Flute, from Office du Dimanche 2. ©  Musique Abbaye Keur Moussa. Used with permission.)

Day 5

Da Pacem Cordium, by the Community of Taizé, from Ubi Caritas. © Taizé. Used with permission.

Day 6 

Sancte Maria, E!, by Francisco Hernández performed by Ex Cathedra, from Moon Sun & All Things© Hyperion Records. Used with permission.  

Day 7

Padre Nostro (Our Father), by the Communita di Bose, from Il Giorni del Signore. Instrumental: Interludio no. 15,  by the Communita di Bose, from Il Giorni del Signore. © Moastero di Bose. Used with permission. 

Day 8 

Dwell Among Us, by Salt of the Sound, from Dwell Among Us. Instrumental: Even the winds and the waves obey him, by Salt of the Sound, from Meditations vol. 1.  © Salt of the Sound. Used with permission.

Day 9 

Come to me, by Margaret Rizza, from Fountain of Life. © Margaret Rizza. Used with permission.