I have always been related with Jesuits (I have been Argentine CLC president), and visiting Jesuits web pages I found Pray-as-you-go.  I am an orthopaedic surgeon, and M.D. Director at a big hospital, I spent five years in Western Africa as missionary doctor.  It's so helpful every morning to listen your reflections before activities, they comfort and give me strength to cope with daily struggles.  Blessing and Prayers.  AMDG

Jorge Luis Santodomingo, from southern Patagonia, Argentina

I work in aged care and thought I knew a great deal about grief until my father died and my mother was revealed as having alzheimer's disease. I was crippled by grief and following a comment from an Anglican Priest about prayer being helpful, stumbled upon Pray-as-you-go through an Anglican website. I have found it to be transformative in that it has aided an 18 month journey of healing along with beginning a much deeper approach to prayer and giving me the confidence to attend a retreat for busy people. I listen every morning before my husband and children wake up and the working day begins. It has been sustaining to know I pray with a global prayer group and connect with so many across the world. Thank you. 

Sara, from Adelaide, South Australia

Here's Jame Dubyoski using Pray-as-you-go on an iPod at South Bethany Beach, Delaware, USA (We thank James for permission to use the picture, and the Jopson family for sending it to us).

James Dubyoski

I listen to PAYG all week long.  It was recommended to me by a minister friend in Dallas, Texas, and yes, he loves it too.  PAYG is the single greatest devotional tool I have ever used.  Nothing has ever initiated a time of prayer and devotion like PAYG.  I look forward to using it every evening, because I get to close out the day with worship, scripture, and prayer.  Thank you for producing this exceptional devotional podcast. 

Tim Jenkins

I heard PAYG just last week after surfing the web.  It's a wonderful site, It gives me more energy to start my day and increase focus, while being more spiritual me.  I get used to use PAYG in the morning before I go to college.  I can perform better in class, take notes effectively, while be a more better me.  I feel more comfortable in dealing a very busy college life.  Thanks. 

A college student from Indonesia