Way of the Cross: Journey with Jesus and refugees

Pray with the Lord and Journey with Refugees

Welcome to 'Way of the Cross', a stations of the cross series allowing you to follow Jesus on his journey to the cross and the Resurrection, whilst praying for refugees around the world. Each station begins with a piece from scripture, followed by a reflection, and culminates with a prayer to say together.

These reflections were written by the Jesuit Refugee Service UK. They are designed to help your prayer during Holy Week and can be used individually or as a group online. They have been kindly voiced by Omolola and Gabriel, refugee friends of JRS UK, recorded safely during COVID restrictions during Lent 2021. 

We hope you find this resource fruitful. For more information, please visit https://www.jrsuk.net/ 

 play_arrowPlay : Way of the Cross 

 play_arrowPlay : Station One: Jesus is condemned to death 

 play_arrowPlay : Station Two: Jesus takes up his cross 

 play_arrowPlay : Station three: Jesus falls for the first time 

 play_arrowPlay : Station four: Jesus meets his blessed mother 

 play_arrowPlay : Station Five: Simon of Cyrene bears the cross 

 play_arrowPlay : Station Six: Veronica Wipes the face of Jesus 

 play_arrowPlay : Station seven: Jesus falls a second time 

 play_arrowPlay : Station eight: Jesus comforts the women of Jerusalem 

 play_arrowPlay : Station nine: Jesus falls for a third time 

 play_arrowPlay : Station ten: Jesus is stripped of his garments 

 play_arrowPlay : Station Eleven: Jesus is nailed to the cross 

 play_arrowPlay : Station Twelve: Jesus dies on the cross 

 play_arrowPlay : Station thirteen: Jesus is taken down from the cross 

 play_arrowPlay : Station Fourteen: Jesus is laid in the tomb 

 play_arrowPlay : Station Fifteen: The Resurrection