New Beginnings Advent Retreat 2019

Welcome to New Beginnings, an audio Advent retreat in collaboration with Sacred Space.This year, we invite you to deepen your relationship with the God of 'new beginnings'. Over five audio sessions, you will be guided through scripture taken from Jesus' birth narrative, encouraged along the way to recognise God's movement in the lives of John the Baptist, Mary, Joseph, Jesus and the Wisemen. In turn, it is our hope that you will also recognise the movement of God in your own life. Join us as we begin this journey together... 

*Please note: we will release one session per week.*

 play_arrowPlay : Introduction 

 play_arrowPlay : 1. New Beginnings with John the Baptist 

 play_arrowPlay : 2. New Beginnings with Mary 

 play_arrowPlay : 3. New Beginnings with Jospeh 

 play_arrowPlay : 4. New Beginnings with Jesus 

 play_arrowPlay : 5. New Beginnings with the Wisemen 

 play_arrowPlay : Conclusion