Journeying with Jesus: A Gospel Lenten Pilgrimage

Welcome to our 2020 Lent Retreat in collaboration with Sacred Space. We invite you to join us in carving out some time and space over the next several weeks to pray throughout Lent. Our retreat guide this Lent comes from Peter Edmonds SJ and we will follow key moments of Jesus' life and ministry. 

This year as part of the Year of the Word, we are engaging with scripture a little differently: not only will some of our scripture passages for each session be longer, but listeners will also have an opportunity to be guided in the practice of Lectio Divina through a supplementary audio session. 

The schedule for the retreat is as follows:

Lectio Divina supplements:

 play_arrowPlay : Lectio Divina Part 1: An Explanation 

 play_arrowPlay : Lectio Divina Part 2: Guide 


 play_arrowPlay : Introduction 

Week 1 : The Desert (Matthew 4:1-11) 

 play_arrowPlay : Session 1 (The Desert) 

Week 2: The Mountain (Matthew 17:1-9 )

 play_arrowPlay : Session 2 (The Mountain) 

Week 3: The Well (John 4:5-42 )

 play_arrowPlay : Session 3 (The Well) 

Week 4: The Pool (John 9:1-41 )

 play_arrowPlay : Session 4 (The Pool) 

Week 5: The Tomb John 11:1-45 

 play_arrowPlay : Session 5 (The Tomb) 

Week 6: Golgotha Mathew 26:14-27; 66

 play_arrowPlay : Session 6: Golgotha 

Week 7 (Thursday 9th April) The Garden John 20:11-18. 

 play_arrowPlay : Session 7 (The Garden)