Growing Back Better (A Lent retreat 2021)

We have all come through a year like no other in living memory, and now we have arrived in a new year, carrying all the hopes and dreams of a new beginning, but also the many fears and troubles of the year just passed. The season of Lent gives us a heaven-sent opportunity to reflect prayerfully on our recent experience and the difficulties and the possibilities it has set before us.

2020 challenged us, individually and collectively, in ways no-one could have imagined. It has confronted us with the question of whether we want to go back to how things were, or to ‘grow back better’. It has challenged us to reflect on what kind of people we truly desire to become and what kind of world we hope to pass on to future generations.

Join us for a Lent retreat over seven sessions in collaboration with Sacred Space, written by Margaret Silf. 

Sessions will be released on the following dates:


play_arrowPlay : Welcome to 'Growing Back Better' 

Session 1    play_arrowPlay : 1. Where is my life centred? 

Session 2     play_arrowPlay : 2. Living in Balance 

Session 3     play_arrowPlay : 3. Sailing into Deeper Water 

Session 4     play_arrowPlay : 4. Eyes to see, ears to hear 

Session 5     play_arrowPlay : 5. New merging out of death 

Session 6    play_arrowPlay : 6. Journeying through the darkness 

Session 7     play_arrowPlay : 7. A New Day Dawns 

Conclusion  play_arrowPlay : 8. What is love asking?