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About Pray as you go

Pray as you go is a daily prayer session, designed to go with you wherever you go, to help you pray whenever you find time, but particularly whilst travelling to and from work, study, etc.

A new prayer session is produced every day of the working week and one session for the weekend.  It is not a 'Thought for the Day', a sermon or a bible-study, but rather a framework for your own prayer.

Lasting between ten and thirteen minutes, it combines music, scripture and some questions for reflection. 

Our aim is to help you to:   

  • become more aware of God's presence in your life   
  • listen to and reflect on God's word   
  • grow in your relationship with God

It is produced by Jesuit Media Initiatives, with material written by a number of Jesuits, both in Britain and further afield, and other experts in the spirituality of St Ignatius of Loyola. Although the content is different every day, it keeps to the same basic format.


Pray As You Go App

Pray As You Go App!

If you enjoy our daily reflections and extra prayer resources, you can take these everywhere you go with our app! Available for both Android and iOS devices, you can follow the daily prayers, join in with our seasonal retreats and prepare for prayer with breathing exercises. 


Download today:

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Please note: We have recently updated our app so you might need to update your software and reinstall the app for the correct version!


Bible Translation & Liturgical Calendar

Bible Translations

For the majority of our reflections, we use the NRSV version of the Bible. However, some days the Jerusalem Bible provides better clarity for a particular passage so we will use this also occasionally. But don't worry, on those days we'll provide a 'JB' next to the scripture reference!

The translations and numbering system we use for the Psalms is also a little different: we use the CTS New Catholic translation which follows the Grail version. Want to know more about this? Find out more >>>


Liturgical Calendar

We follow the Liturgical Calendar of the Society of Jesus for the British Province. You can follow that here >>>


The daily format for Pray as you go

Today is... ~5 secs
Bells 20-30 secs
Introductory Music 2-5 mins
Scripture reference ~5 secs
Reading of the day 20 secs - 2 mins
Questions for reflection ~3mins
Repeat of reading of the day 20 secs - 2 mins
Final question/s and invitation to colloquy ~2 mins
Total 10-13 mins

Other Languages

Pray as you go is a work of the Jesuits in Britain, and we only offer English language podcasts through the Jesuit Media Initiatives office in London. However, a number of other Jesuit provinces have worked to create prayer podcasts like Pray as you go in other languages.

Prie en chemin

Prayer podcast in French

Prayer podcast in Portuguese

Phút cãu nguyên

Prayer podcast in Vietnamese.


Prayer podcast in Spanish (Castellano)

Modlitwa w drodze

Prayer podcast in Polish

Bidden Onderweg

Prayer podcast in Dutch

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See what music we use every day and find your favourite tracks.

Listen wherever you are.

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