Monday 3 June

Today is Monday the 3 June, in the seventh week of Easter.  

One Hope Project sings, ‘My Soul Rests’.  

Today’s reading is from the Acts of the Apostles.

John the Baptist offered the ‘baptism of repentance’ – he asked people to admit they were in need of God's help and forgiveness, to say, "I am weak, but I want to be better." Could this still be, for me, the best way to prepare for the Holy Spirit to come?  

When Paul lays his hands on these disciples, this account tells us, they spoke in tongues and prophesied?  What must that have been like?  And how does it seem to me now?  Weird and wonderful?  A bit scary?  Or an encouraging sign of the Holy Spirit at work?  

Listen again to the reading.   Notice how John's baptism prepares these twelve people for Jesus’s baptism, and for receiving the Holy Spirit.  They don’t need any further instructions in preparation.  

The Holy Spirit is the gift by which we know God's unchanging love.  These twelve new disciples, full of the Holy Spirit, were full of joy.  Do I hope that the gift of the Holy Spirit will bring joy to me?  I am loved with an Everlasting Love.   Speak now to the One called Everlasting Love.