Monday 27 May

Today is Monday the 27 May in the sixth week of Easter.

The community of Taizé sing, Nada te turbe:  ‘Let nothing trouble you or make you afraid. Those who have God will lack nothing. God alone is enough.’  

Today’s reading is from the Gospel of John.  

Jesus warns the disciples that a time will come when they will be persecuted, thrown out of places where they thought they were safe. At what times in the past have I met opposition or criticism because I stuck out for what was right?  

At what times, on the other hand, did I perhaps compromise my principles, and fail to be really honest, really truthful?   

When things get difficult we will remember what Jesus said.  So as you listen to the scripture passage again, just think of a time when you felt isolated or alone; a time perhaps when you were so caught up in your own feelings that you forgot the presence of God – or the special gift of God’s guiding Spirit.   

What do you feel now – now you know that God is present to you – and always has been?  Say what you feel – a word of sorrow, or trust, or thanks.