Tuesday 21 May

Today is Tuesday the 21 May, in the Fifth Week of Easter.  

Whatever activity and noise and distractions there are around me whatever worries and concerns are vying for my attention, I begin this prayer today by finding that centre of stillness within me, settling into a moment of peace, asking for the peace that only God can give.  

Today’s reading is from the Gospel of John.  

This peace that Jesus speaks of…  what is it?    It clearly isn’t just a state of untroubled calm.  It’s not some kind of floaty detachment, a carefree lack of concern about others, and about the tensions and struggles of today’s world.  What is this peace like?  How do you imagine it?  

When we are gripped by fear or agitation, it can immobilise us.  To those who want it, Jesus gives a peace which frees us from this grip, from these immobilising effects, and allows us to engage with life in its fullness and complexity.  Is this a gift I want?  

Accepting that these gifts come from God, listen again to today’s reading.  Listen to what Jesus promises.  

Speak to God in your own words, now.  What situations in your life are crying out for that freedom from fear and distress, that peace that only Christ can give?  Ask God how you might be a channel for that gift of peace.