Easter Friday

Today is Easter Friday, the 26 April.  

The community of Taizé sing: L’ajuda em vindrà del Senyor, My help comes from the Lord.  

Today’s reading is from the Gospel of John.  

This account starts with a situation that’s probably familiar to you. A time of hard work, that feels as if it’s achieved nothing. It’s been a total waste of time. Can you think of a time that reminds you what that feels like?  

Into the middle of this situation comes a stranger, full of good advice. How do you think that you would respond, if that happened to you? Be honest!  

Something prompts them to do what the stranger says, and as a result they recognise Jesus. There’s an excitement in that moment, as Peter swims ashore to be with him. Is there anything in your experience that tells you what that excitement, the excitement of suddenly recognising Jesus, is like?  

This time, as you listen to the story unfolding, see if you can spot what it is that helps the disciples to recognise the stranger on the shore.  

The passage speaks of “that disciple whom Jesus loved”. That’s a description that fits you. As a disciple whom Jesus loves, say to him whatever you find in your heart at this moment.