Tuesday of Holy Week

Today is Tuesday of Holy Week, the 16 April.   

You are the centre, Lord, of my life.  The centre of my life.  Amid all my preoccupations, all the worries and hassles and concerns in my mind right now, can I focus for a moment on the centre of my life?  Can I open my heart to God, my guide, my healer, my teacher? Can I stop for a moment and listen to God’s voice?  

Today’s reading is from the Gospel of John.

Jesus was approaching his death.  He says God is glorified in him.  What does he mean? Think for a moment about how God is glorified in the death of Jesus.  

Listen to the ‘new commandment’, to love one another.  What do you feel as you hear that?  Is it how Christians are identified, by their love?  What does this commandment say to you now, in your life?  

Listen to the reading again and notice Peter’s desire to go with Jesus, to stay with him, even to die with him.  Peter will let him down, but Jesus knows our weakness and accepts us as we are.  

Express your own desires to Jesus, asking for his help, his mercy, his forbearance.