Palm Sunday

This weekend is Saturday the 13 and Sunday 14 April, Palm Sunday.  

The monks of the Abbey of Keur Moussa sing: ‘The Lord Jesus emptied himself for us, therefore God has exalted him above all things.’ As I listen, as I enter into prayer today, can I bring myself humbly before the Father, as Jesus did, and place myself completely in his hands?  

This weekend’s reading is the text we have just heard sung, from St Paul’s Letter to the Philippians.    

Today’s reading conveys a strong sense of the person of Jesus, and inspires a very Ignatian attitude, a desire to serve others for their benefit, just as Jesus did.   This desire is probably already present in you, probably already visible at least in some parts of your life.  Where do you see yourself, perhaps even unwittingly, responding to others with sincere concern for their well-being?  

In what aspects of your life would you want a generosity you know is already there to grow?  How, in other words, do you want to be more Christ-like in your attitude to others and to the world around you?  

Just reflect, as you listen to the Scripture again, what it is about Jesus’s freedom to respond to God’s will that inspires you.  

Perhaps, now, you can ask God for what you need so that your generosity can free yourself and others from fruitless self-preoccupation.