Saturday 6 & Sunday 7 April

This weekend is Saturday the 6 and Sunday the 7March, beginning the fifth week of Lent.   

Salt of the Sound sing, ‘Turn your eyes upon Jesus’. Can you begin by letting go of everything else around you, and release yourself to God’s loving care?  

Today’s reading is from the Gospel of John.  

As you imagine that scene with the woman and her accusers, what do you notice about your own reactions to her situation? What would you want to do or say?  

The people referred to Jesus as ‘Teacher’ – how might Jesus be teaching you as you listen to him? What are you receiving from this wise and compassionate teacher? What is he saying about your own life?  

As you listen again to the gospel consider Jesus’ words of wisdom and compassion in the face of people trying to test him. Notice what feelings are stirred in you.  

Spend a few moments now, just talking to God about the feelings and thoughts that have arisen in you as you listened to the Gospel.  You might find yourself talking about your own need for Jesus’s compassion, to hear ‘neither do I condemn you’ or simply talk to God about what is in your heart.