Friday 5 April

Today is Friday the 5 April in the fourth week of lent.      

The Choir of the King’s Consort sing Henry Purcell’s Hear My Prayer, O Lord: “Hear My Prayer, O Lord, and let my crying come unto thee.”  As I listen, I too bring my prayer, my needs and my longings, the deepest feelings of my heart, before the Lord.  

Today’s Reading is from the Gospel of John.  

This scene from John’s gospel is filled with a great cry of Jesus, “You know me but you don’t fully understand….”  It feels like his heart is being torn apart with longing that the people around him would really understand the goodness and compassion of God.  

At the same time you can almost hear Jesus resigned to the fact that without some different kind of language the minds of so many around him would remain closed.  What language other than words might Jesus use to express the whole of his heart’s longing?  

What kinds of language do you use yourself to express to the people closest to you the things which are most profound in your own heart?  

As you listen again to Jesus’s great cry, listen for all that he is trying to say beneath or behind the words.  

This cry of Jesus is filled with longing for those around him to experience, to taste the freedom and joy he knew was possible for them - and for us.  How does his cry echo in your life today?  Speak to him now about what feelings, what response, his words stir in you.