Wednesday 3 April

Today is Wednesday the 3 April, in the fourth week of Lent.

The community of Taizé sing De noche iremos: ‘By night we search for the source of living water.  It is only our thirst that guides our way.’   This time of prayer is an opportunity to quench that thirst a little - my thirst for God, the source of life - a chance to drink from the spring, from the source of living water, and be refreshed.

Today’s reading is from the prophet Isaiah.

What feelings does this reading convey to you?   Originally the word Lent comes from an Old English word simply meaning Spring.  Perhaps we’d do well to think of Lent as the greening time of the year – in the Northern Hemisphere at least – something new beginning in the natural world, life reappearing and blessing us again with springtime and hope.  Could you hear that optimism, that promise of hope, in the reading?

Notice some of  the words God uses through his prophet Isaiah…they’re like long brush strokes on a beautiful sky at dawn……I have answered you, I have helped youto those who are in darkness: come into the those who  thirst: you will be led to springs of water…

As you hear this reading from Isaiah again, listen carefully and notice all the words and phrases of encouragement and of promise…

Why not spend a few quiet moments painting your own picture of Spring in your mind and in your imagination.  What would you hope for at this greening time of the year, when life is reappearing and blessing us again with springtime and hope?  In your own words, share these hopes of yours with the Lord.