Today is Wednesday the 8th of August, the feast of St Dominic in the 18th week of ordinary time The University of Johannesburg choir, sing the Credo from Missa de Meridiana Terra. “I believe in one God, the Father almighty, creator of heaven and earth.” As I start this prayer today, can I join in with this strong, almost exuberant expression of faith? Can I begin by declaring my faith in my God, my creator, my heavenly Father? Today’s reading is from the Gospel of Matthew. What strikes you most about the Canaanite woman in this story? What kind of a person does she seem to be to you? Can you imagine what she looks like, what she sounds like? Her personality? Consider for a moment her persistence, her perseverance. In this short passage, her heartfelt appeals are mentioned four times. But also, just think about what humility she had. When compared to a dog, she merely asks for what dogs are given, the crumbs that fall from their master’s table. As you listen again to the story, what seems to impress Jesus so much about this woman? Does this story remind you of anything in your own experience? Have you ever felt like the Canaanite woman, facing rejection, and persevering? Or does she remind you of someone you have dismissed or rejected in some way? Or are there qualities in this woman that you would like to have more of yourself? Whatever feelings you have, follow the example of this woman of faith, and bring them in complete openness before the Lord.