Today is Monday the 20th of August, the feast of St Bernard, in the twentieth week of ordinary time

Luke Parker sings, ‘Sweet Surrender’. As you enter into prayer today, can you surrender yourself to God, placing yourself now into the Lord’s loving hands? Today’s reading is from the Gospel of Matthew. The young man asks Jesus what good deed he must do to gain eternal life; but what does Jesus draw his attention to instead? Jesus seems more concerned about how we treat people than what we do. Reflect for a few moments about the people you are in touch with, the people you deal with ... do you treat them as you would like to be treated? As you listen again, hear Jesus inviting the young man to sell his possessions, to free himself from what gets in the way of following Jesus. You might talk over with Jesus whether there is anything that you are possessive about, which gets in the way of following him more freely.