Today is Wednesday the 22nd of August, the feast of Our Lady, Queen, in the twentieth week of ordinary time.

The monks of the Abbey of Keur Moussa sing Psalm 4: ‘When I call, answer me, O God of justice. From anguish you released me. Have mercy and hear me.’ Can I make this my prayer too? As I listen, can I bring myself before God, trusting in his justice, his goodness, his faithful love? Today’s reading is from the Gospel of Matthew For a few moments, imagine yourself involved in this story: hanging about on a hot day, waiting for work, needing the money. How do you feel when the landowner comes along and hires your labour? How might you feel if you were one of the last to be hired? And when the working day is over, and you''''''''re queueing up to be paid. How do you feel when everyone gets the same pay? As the end of the story is read again, think of God as the landowner and hear how God treats each person who comes to labour in the kingdom. Everyone who comes to God is treated with the same fairness and the same generosity. And this is true for you: God accepts you with whatever you have to offer. What do you have to offer, what do you want to offer to God, right now?