Tuesday 21 August, 20th week of Ordinary Time

Today is Tuesday the 21st of August, the feast of St Pius X, in the twentieth week of ordinary time David Thomas with the Taverner Players, sings Ich Habe Genug from Bach’s Cantata number 82, echoing the words of Simeon: ‘I have enough. I have taken the Saviour, the hope of the Gentiles, into my arms.’ Often when we pray, we ask God for this and for that. And fair enough, we have needs and it is right to bring them before God. But there is something rather beautiful – there is something very beautiful – about this prayer, which just says, ‘I have you, Lord. I have enough.’ Today’s reading is from the Gospel of Matthew. Using some vivid images, Jesus is teaching the disciples about the difference between worldly values and God''''s values. Imagine yourself among them, listening to Jesus. How do his words affect you? What are the riches which you are storing up for yourself? Do any of them get in the way of following Jesus’ teaching? As you listen again, hear Peter''''s question "What will we have?" and listen to Jesus’s reply... Jesus promises that everyone who follows him will receive fulfilment and joy. What would you like to ask Jesus to give you today?