Wednesday 10 June

Today is Wednesday the 10th of June in the Tenth Week of Ordinary Time.

You are the centre, Lord, of my life. The centre of my life. Amid all my preoccupations, all the worries and hassles and concerns in my mind right now, can I focus for a moment on the centre of my life? Can I open my heart to God, my guide, my healer, my teacher? Can I stop for a moment and listen to God’s voice?  

Today’s reading is from Psalm 16 

Preserve me, God, I take refuge in you. I say to the Lord; ‘You are my God.’ My happiness lies in you alone’ You have put into my heart a marvellous love for the faithful ones who dwell in your land. Those who choose other gods increase their sorrows. Never will I offer their offerings of blood. Never will I take their name upon my lips.   O Lord, it is you who are my portion and cup; It is you yourself who are my prize. The lot marked out for me is my delight, Welcome indeed the heritage that falls to me!   I will bless you, Lord, you give me counsel, And even at night direct my heart. I keep you Lord ever in my sight: Since you are at my right hand, I shall stand firm.   You will show me the path of life, The fullness of joy in your presence, At your right hand happiness forever.

The psalms are prayers common to Christianity and to the Jewish faith where they originated.  These are prayers that Jesus would have prayed.  In today’s psalm we sense a writer who feels a deep confidence and joy in God.  Spend a moment becoming aware of your own feeling towards God.  

What words best describe your feelings towards God?  Perhaps, like the psalmist you are confident and joyful.  If you are happy you can give thanks to God.  Many people feel fearful, or doubtful or angry towards God, this may make them feel uneasy.  If you are uneasy with the way you feel about God, don’t worry.  Express you feelings, whatever they are, in your own words. 

Listen again to the psalm, and see if you notice one line, or word, or phrase, more than the rest.  

If there was a line or a word that struck you, make it your ‘mantra’ for today, and repeat it quietly to yourself throughout the day.