Monday 23 March

Today is Monday, the 23 March, in the Fourth Week of Lent.

The monks of the Abbey of Keur Moussa sing Psalm 146:  “It is good to sing in honour of our God - sweet is his praise.  The Lord, Restorer of Jerusalem! He brought back Israel's exiles,  healing their broken hearts, and binding up their wounds.”

Today’s reading is from the Gospel of John.

We can often think of healing in terms of miraculous cures, with a wheelchair or crutches cast aside – but ignore the daily healings that happen because of the pure gift of God’s grace.  Is there someone you know who needs that healing?

Think of someone you know and love who has been healed and give thanks to God for His goodness in healing them. Think of someone you know and love who was sadly not healed; where was God in that situation? Did He seem distant at that time?

Sometimes we’re very blind to God’s healing presence. Can you think of situations where you’ve seen it? Perhaps in human love? In the support and acts of kindness you have given others? Or that you have perhaps received?

As you listen again, imagine yourself there in the story. Pay attention to the actions of Jesus, his way of speaking, the way he moves.

As this time of prayer comes to an end, bring a person or situation to the Lord, and turn what you have experienced in this prayer time into a prayer for that person or situation.