St Joseph

Today is Thursday, the 19 March, the Feast of St Joseph, husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The nuns of Mary, Queen of Apostles, sing the hymn Te Joseph Celebrent.  O Joseph, may the heavenly hosts praise thee, may the choirs of Christendom glorify you. 

Today’s reading is from the Second Book of Samuel.

It sounds like Nathan was the messenger of a most surprising message to David from the Lord – are you the one to build me a house to live in? Don’t you know that I’ve got huge plans for you, says the Lord; I’m thinking of an amazing future for you and your descendants and it will change the world. Nathan took this to David, we heard. Is there an invitation to you towards great things from God?

Perhaps there is a spark of hope in you that, one day, you might hear a message of your own, inviting you to something bigger, something greater. Let any such hopes come to the surface in this time of reflection.

Our God is One who dreams big dreams for us and about us, yet who always leaves it to us to decide how we are going to respond. Perhaps it’s that freedom that God wants us to act from that is the biggest surprise! God thinks so much of us, his children, that He is ready to go along with our free decisions, always seeking and hoping to draw the best from them, from us. Listen again, and see how God comes to us in freedom and grants us freedom to respond.

Are you the one to build me a house to live in? Spend a few moments pondering what it is like to hear those words addressed to you. Is it an invitation that touches something in your heart? How do you feel you would like to respond? Stay with whatever emerges ... and peacefully talk to the Lord about it.