Thursday 12 March

Today is Thursday 12 March in the second week of Lent.

Veni, lumen cordium, veni sancte spiritus. Come Holy Spirit. Come, light of our hearts.  When we do not know how to pray, the Holy Spirit prays in us.  As I begin my prayer today, I pause for a few moments to ask the Holy Spirit to enlighten me, to invite the Holy Spirit into my life, into my mind and into my heart.

Today’s reading is from the Prophet Jeremiah.

In today’s reading, the Lord sets before us two ways of living. Notice the stark contrast between those who are dried up, lonely and gasping, and those who are thriving, fruitful and resilient. 

Which words or images from this reading speak to you most strongly? Why might that be?

For Jeremiah, where and in whom you place your trust makes the difference between surviving and flourishing. Where are the ‘parched places’ in your life What does ‘flourishing’ look like for you?

Stay with the picture of the fruitful and healthy tree, as you listen again.

In these last moments turn to the Lord in prayer. Let the Holy Spirit search your heart. Open yourself to receive God’s blessing.