Friday 6 March

Today is Friday the 6 March, in the first week of Lent.  

Salt of the Sound sings, ‘Turn your eyes upon Jesus.’ As you begin this time of prayer, spent a moment doing just that: turn your eyes upon Jesus… towards the light of his glory and grace.

Today’s reading is from the Prophet Ezekiel.

Though our reading today from Ezekiel appears very challenging it is also full of encouragement. The Lord God keeps short accounts and the things we or our family members have done in the past are not held against us. What does this concept stir in you?

God deals with us here and now and it’s how we relate to God moment by moment that enables us to remain faithful to God. Are there areas in your life where you are tempted to turn away from God? What keeps you walking in God’s ways? Tell God about them now.

As you listen again think about ways in which you can ensure that you turn to the Lord afresh every day.

Take some moments now to thank God for his faithfulness to you. Pledge your faithfulness in return.