St Agatha

Today is Wednesday the 5 February, the Memorial of St Agatha, in the fourth week of Ordinary time.

Molly Parden with Bifrost Arts sings, ‘Psalm 126’.  

Today’s reading is from the Gospel of Mark.

Jesus returns to his hometown…. he comes as a teacher.  Yet his teaching is greeted not with wonder, but with contempt!  Can you recall a time when you’ve felt too quickly disregarded or dismissed by those closest to you, those who know you too well?  What did that feel like?

Now turn the tables for a moment….. Can you identify those around you, people you know well, who all too often get disregarded or shouted down?  “Oh it’s only so-and-so, he would say that”.  How important would the message have to be before you took them seriously?

As you hear the reading again, imagine the scene, see the faces of the people from Jesus’s hometown.  Listen to what they say about him.  Could such an amazing man come from such an ordinary town?

I ask God now for whatever I feel I may need, an increase in faith perhaps, or maybe the ability to see God’s power and love in all the ordinary things, as well as the amazing things around me.  I talk to God, and listen to what he has to say to me.