Wednesday 29 January

Today is Wednesday, the 29th of January, in the Third Week of Ordinary Time.

'Silent, surrendered, calm and still.  Open to the word of God.'  In all that is going on around me, all the movement, all the noise, can I find a moment of calmness and stillness now, can I feel God’s presence here,  and surrender myself to it, opening myself to listen to God’s word?

Today’s reading is from the Gospel of Mark.

In Mark’s gospel, whenever Jesus is beside the sea, something important happens.  What do you think is the important thing that’s taking place here? Why do you think Jesus is in a boat?

Jesus tells a story about different kinds of soil here.  Did you notice how many different kinds of soil he mentions?  Can you imagine what they might represent?

Now hear the passage again.  What’s the first word that Jesus says, and what’s the last word?  Why do you think this is?  What’s the message to you today?

Finally, in your own words, address your prayer to God, who sows his seed so generously.