Friday 24 January

Today is Friday, the 24 January, in the Second Week of Ordinary Time.

Madison Cunningham, of The Porter’s Gate, sings ‘Little Things With Great Love’.

Today’s reading is from the Gospel of Mark.

The Twelve were sent out “to proclaim the message”.  What do you think that message is?  Is it Jesus’ message for people today?  How would you put it into words?  Or deeds?

‘Christ has no arms but ours,’ wrote Saint Teresa; ‘no hands, no legs but ours.’  As Christ sent out the apostles then, so too today Christ invites us to use our hands and arms and legs to proclaim and live out his message.  How might I use mine?

As you listen again, notice that phrase “those whom he wanted”, and ask yourself, “Do I believe Jesus invites me to be with him?  Do I believe Jesus invites me by name?

The Apostles were given a special calling, a particular vocation.  But God has a purpose for every one of us, for every human life.  How do you see your own calling?  Can you talk with the Lord about this?