Thursday 23 January

Today is Thursday, the 23 January, in the Second Week of Ordinary Time. The community of Taizé sing De noche iremos: ‘By night we search for the source of living water.  It is only our thirst that guides our way.’ This time of prayer is an opportunity to quench that thirst a little - my thirst for God, the source of life - a chance to drink from the spring, from the source of living water, and be refreshed.

Today’s reading is from the Gospel of Mark.

In this reading we hear the great impact Jesus is having on the people, the crowds are so great they are in danger of crushing him.  What was it like for his friends, his disciples to be part of this great spectacle?

Jesus seems very popular in this scene, at this stage in his ministry - a crowd-puller.  Can you imagine what it was that drew so many to see him?  And why it was that - later on - the crowds were so quickly turned against him?

As you hear the scene described again, take a moment to imagine yourself there, listening to Jesus and watching him with so many people making demands on him.  How might you have reacted?  How would you respond to Jesus?

Talk to Jesus now as you might to a friend.  You might want to speak to him about your response to this reading, or about anything else that is on your mind or heart at this time.