Monday 13 January

Today is Monday the 13 January, in the First Week of Ordinary Time.

The Choir of Holy Sepulchre London, directed by Peter Asprey, sings ‘Present Yourselves as a Living Sacrifice’.

Today’s reading is from the Gospel of Mark.

“Immediately,” we’re told, “they left their nets and followed him.”  What would make working men, fishermen, leave their jobs and family to follow Jesus, a carpenter from Nazareth? 

There must have been something that inspired these men to follow Jesus.  Imagine what it might feel like to be so enthusiastic about someone that you would leave your job and family to do something completely different?  Would you welcome such a new beginning in your life?

As you hear the passage read again, imagine yourself as one of these fishermen.  What does it feel like to have Jesus speak these words to you? 

How did you want to respond, just then, to the call of Jesus?  How do you want to respond now?  You might want to pray for a bit more of the simple enthusiasm these fishermen had, or perhaps your desire is for something else.  However you want to respond to Jesus, speak those words to him now.