Friday 10 January

Today is Friday 10 January, in the season of Christmas.

Luke Parker sings: Sweet Surrender.

Today’s reading is from the First letter of John.

This may appear to be a very difficult, puzzling and even disturbing reading today. There is an old saying which goes: if you were brought before a court of law and accused of being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you?

Would anybody know, from what I say or the way I live my life, that I am a Christian? Do my words or my deeds testify to who I am?

The atmosphere of the court room looms large in today’s reading. As you hear the reading again, notice how many times the word testimony and testify are mentioned.

To believe in Jesus Christ is not simply to accept what Christ says as true; it is to commit ourselves into the hands of Christ, now and for all time. As I go through this day, can I make my own, the final words of Jesus: “into your hands, I commend my spirit”?