Monday 6 January

Today is Monday 6 January, in the season of Christmas.

Look at the faces of the people around you. What burdens are they carrying?  What pains, what troubles in their lives? And what is burdening you right now? Can you place all this into the healing hands of the Lord And relax into his loving presence?

Today’s reading is from the Gospel of Matthew.

Where are you now as you listen to this Gospel text being read?

There are many places mentioned in the reading we have just heard. Some of the place names, we may be familiar with – Nazareth, Jerusalem, Galilee; others, are perhaps less well-known or even a mystery to us – Zebulun and Naphtali, the Decapolis. Are you in familiar surroundings? Or are you on the move?

Matthew tells us of Jesus’ mission and we hear that that mission involves proclamation and healing. The good news is to be proclaimed over a wide area, near and far, it seems no place and no one is excluded. We also hear that the good news brings healing; Do I feel myself afflicted or in some pain – physical or spiritual – at this time? Is there someone or some situation I would want to bring to the Lord for healing?

God speaks to each one of us individually. As you listen to the reading again, what might God be saying to you today?

Take a few moments to bring to Jesus in prayer an area of your life that is in need of healing, an area that you feel is in darkness. Or place someone or some situation in the Lord’s healing presence. No matter where you feel yourself, that person or situation to be, the Lord is there extending his healing hand.